Monday, April 24, 2006

Hurrah For Hogganfield*


This morning I was up bright and early for a stroll round Hogganfield Loch. I'd like to report it was peaceful but I seemed to attract attention throughout. Firstly I was accosted by a man who wanted me to take a picture of him and his dog. Then at five minute intervals pensioners would appear and ask if I was from the college, to which I lied and said yes, it's always best to give the simplest explanation. People can get very upset at things they don't understand.

Later on when I was taking snaps of swans and ducks from the car park area a fucking comic genius in a white van spotted me and decided to ruin things by repeatedly sounding his horn to scare the birds away. I decided to treat this behaviour with the contempt it deserved but that wasn't enough for white van prick who shouted out the window that he had something in the van I might like a picture of, to which I replied that the police have a register for people like him and carried on snapping the altogether better behaved birds.

Otherwise it was a pleasant gyp. The loch itself is home to an array of wild birds who seem to be used to people and let you get quite close to them. The surrounding park and the loch are very easy on the eye indeed. In places it's easy to forget you are only minutes from main roads and the Craigend housing scheme. After my run in with white van tosser I decided it was time to go and walked over to Riddrie to catch a bus back into town. People aside I'd recommend a trip over to Hogganfield, though it's probably best to go mob handed to deflect unwanted attention. Oh and if you get any bother from an idiot in a white van you have my permission to slash his tyres.

*For some reason Blogger is refusing to let me add pictures to see my snaps click here.