Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Krakow Part Two

Everything I'd read prior to my arrival in Krakow led me to understand that the food was utterly foul. Maybe I was just lucky but I didn't eat a bad dinner or breakfast the whole time I was there. Lunch was taken on the move and was a bit more mediocre so I shall never mention it again.

For our first evening meal we ate at a wonderful Indian restaurant on Slawkovska. A channa pindi, a vegetable curry, a lentil Dal, two Soups, onion bhajis, three portions of rice, a portion of garlic nan to share and three pints of lager came to a total of £7:50. One can live like a king for next to nothing in Poland, though I'm sure that will change as the EU tightens it's grip. As an aside my late grandmother was convinced that 'common market' sent prices through the roof. I remain convinced it was the shock of that and then Thatcher being elected that killed her.

After dinner we took a stroll through town and had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a cat by the name of Mr Hippolyte. He was a rather distinguished black and white beastie who we found sitting at his own table outside a cafe. A man who seemed to be employed by Mr Hippolyte to lure tourists into their gallery invited us in as 'honoured Scottish guests'. I was quite touched, I am more used to people making bad jokes and calling you a drunk when they find out you're Scottish, though in fairness that does seem to be confined to the U.K. Anyway the man reckoned that the Polish people are in the debt of the Scots because our government is very good to them. I was too stunned to ask what on earth he was alluding to. Other than the occasional belly laugh I wasn't aware Scotland's rulers had done much for anyone.

Later that night I went to the hotel bar for a drink........


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