Sunday, February 26, 2006

Edinburgh Gyp Photos

Edinburgh Gyp

(Photographs To Follow)

.........And so it came to pass that we set off to Edinburgh on a murky looking Friday afternoon. The journey was pleasant, though the lady serving tea on the train certainly wasn't. It would seem I had ceased to exist for the few minutes it took to serve my erstwhile travelling companion. A can of warm Coke to lubricate my rather parched throat was all I desired but she took to the hills before I had a chance to place my order. Just bloody rude really.

On arrival we made our way up into the old town and then down the Royal Mile to the Scottish Parliament building. Not up to much the old parly. I hear it's lovely inside,but we were too late to get in. What I saw left me deeply underwhelmed. I shall leave Clairwil to hoof it in the nuts with a little more gusto. Not to say we hadn't seen anything of merit by this point. Princes Street and it's gardens will always be ace and the weird andwonderful things that populate the Royal Mile will always be worth seeing. The other great thing about about Edinburgh is it's pubs. Unfortunately, the six nations rugby was in town so a lot of them were heaving with burly and boisterous rugger boys. A pub called The Black Bull was found to be suitable for a nifty wee pub lunch/dinner before nipping off into the fading light of the early evening.

From there we worked our way back round to Princes Street and hoped to land in the welcoming arms ofThe Doric. Hopes were dashed mercilessly as the place was mobbed. We ended up in 'Belushi's', an American diner style bar next door. It was alright actually and served bottles of IPA which makes it alright in my book. All was fine until a crowd of loud wankers appeared on a lads night out. Nothing quite as irritating as having to halt a converstaion to allow some drunken halfwit to labour his only joke for about five minutes. An abortive look around the north side of Princes Street took us back to the station and a quick pint in the bar before getting the train home.

I have to say, Edinburgh charmed the socks off me. Maybe i'm easily impressed, but aesthetically speaking, it's a fantastic city. To be honest, you really need a weekend to even begin to do the city any justice but a little day or half day jaunt will take you around the main attractions and leave you eager to return for more.